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Sep 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
products. a lot of people laugh over engine charlie wilson who is the secretary of defense under eisenhower. they always mangled the quote. they say what is good for general motors is good for america. now, he said what is good for america is good for general motors and vice versa. what he said is the fate of the company and the fate of the country were inextricably linked, when one does well, the other day as well, not smash and grab. >> another question is another thing that really annoys me is every time i buy something it says made in china. so i hate seeing that and that is why that's something that i just have a very strong feeling about making it products. this whole thing was becoming dependent upon china is really a problem. and the other problem is because of the way a lot of businesses operate come you can't compete with china and it's very expensive to produce domestic products in the united states. there's not that many companies who do that. there are small businesses. and you know, a lot of people in the news say we can just cut off -- we could say no to china when
Oct 6, 2012 1:30pm EDT
capitol hill, not made them -- made us spend time together. he made red team hang out with charlie squadron and train with them and get to know them and learn from them. what a concept. we all got better. if we did this in this country, if politicians would do that with our neighbors and christians and muslims and individuals and learn it is not just my way or my belief or what i think regardless of who you are or were you come from you will improve. our nation will improve and we will improve as a society. back to finish the job, i want to run past a few parallels. when that blackhawk went down, part of the reason we're having so much trouble is we could get a search and rescue burden because we didn't have one and they were not in the loop. when we took down the compound and took out osama bin laden everybody knows the helicopter went down. another blackhawk down. guess what the lesson learned was. have a stand by helicopter ready to take those people up. that is a lesson learned. got to take the same lessons learned that you learned in combat and apply them to your life and real
Oct 1, 2012 5:30am EDT
, you know the power of silence was just overwhelming, and so finally, the moderator, charlie rose asked him, doctor watson, you have done so much work, how do you deal with aging. and so he leaned into the microphone and he said there is only one way to deal with aging. and that is to stay away from old people. [laughter] he nailed it. my wife and i were sitting behind doctor henry kissinger, who was in the audience. they handed out his little sheets where you did self scoring. self scoring on your lifestyle. how often do you eat red meat, how many bowel movements you have a weak. [laughter] general health questions. then you have points or you lost points and you added it up, and it told you how many years you had to live. now, how many people here want to know how many years you have to live? the skeptical as him as that might rightly be about the scoring sheet, it's very interesting. kissinger was filling this out with all the intensity hunched over and so elsa and i availed ourselves of the reporter's freedom of information act. [laughter] and we looked over his shoulder. we w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3